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We accept donations during our store hours. Throughout the years, our wonderful customers have donated diapers, clothes and treasures. We appreciate the support for our local small business!


For items, we need to pass along, we partner with PARCA (, Santa Clara County Foster Parent Closet and social services to donate items for those in need.

For the items, we are unable to donate due to condition, we are looking for ways to properly dispose of those items through recycling or upcycling.


If your organization needs items for fundraisers or auctions, please reach out. We are happy to help!

3 Reasons to Buy Second-Hand for Kids

Going up an average of seven sizes in their first two years, kids grow up fast. Also, their interests change quickly so you are always looking for the next toy or book that will keep them developing and engaged. That can all get expensive and overwhelming. Buying second-hand can help and here are some reason why you should:

1. It costs less - Find curated new or like-new pieces in need of a good home, for a fraction of the original retail price

2. It's better for the environment - Buying second-hand reduces waste in our landfills and the use of our natural resources. There are plenty of items out there that have a lot of life left in them.

3. It's a fun treasure hunt - So many unique one-of-a-kind items come in everyday!

How to Ask for Second-Hand Gifts

It doesn't have to be new to be awesome! Here are some ways to ask for second-hand gifts:

1. Give friends and family the size information as well as brands, colors and themes you are looking for as gifts. The more information the better it will help narrow down the search. Photos are always great!

2. Ways to express your request on an invitation or email:

  • "We welcome and are so grateful for both new and secondhand gifts"

  •  "We welcome secondhand versions of anything on this registry"

  • "We are excited to see you; the gift doesn't have to be brand new!"

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